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Internet filtering programs serve several purposes. They protect users (usually children or even corporate users) from content deemed inappropriate. These programs can usually filter web sites, individual pages, newsgroups, and individual postings or e-mails. Even block users from a particular activity (like newsgroups, or chat rooms). Filtering is done by either pre-programmed blockings of sites or user-defined blocking, which can be done on a site-by-site basis, or based on words in the site name, page name, or web page content.

Of course users have different tolerances for content of a sexual, violent, religious/sacrilegious, or profane nature. Good blocking programs allow users to set "levels" of tolerance, delete "blocking" words from a list, and even add-back sites that appear to break a rule (a Breast Cancer awareness web site, for example)

Here are some common Internet filtering programs:

Check with your Internet Service Provider for availability of pre-filtered Internet content suitable for families. This may save you the effort of programming the filters, and eliminates the possiblity a talented child may find a way around the software.

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