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A typical looking St John's Pub St John's Rocks!! It has been a port city for about 500 years, with all the requisite attractions and distractions that goes with it. St John's is said to have more drinking places per square kilometer than any other city in North America The waterfront remains the social centre, home of lively bars that feature the pick of Newfoundland folk music - the best single reason for visiting.

St. John's ethnic composition of English and Irish ancestry is reflected in its nightlife with the predominance of pubs and places for live music. George Street in the heart of downtown St. John's is the place to find old world pubs. Along the length of George Street you'll find some 20 pubs and bars featuring Irish, country, dance, rock and roll and traditional music with the party going until 3 am on Friday nights. No matter what you are in the mood for, you are sure to find some entertainment that strikes your fancy!

Each summer at the end of July, the bars of George Street host a week-long party with a street festival featuring lots of good folk music. The best of the island's dozen folk festivals, the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, is held in Bannerman Park in St John's on the first weekend in August. If you're dining in, or celebrating at home, pick up a bottle of wine - or something else - at one of St. John's many liquor and wine stores .

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Anti-Smoking Bylaw

In Newfoundland, the Smoke-free Environment Act prhobits smoking in public places, including all bars & restaurants.

FoundLocally lists more than 50 bars and pubs in St John's. Many are centred in the downtown area along George Street. Night time in St John's is the best time. Discover it for yourself. You won't be disappointed! For the party animal in you, always ask around, to see if there is anything just-opened.

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