St John's Coffee Shop Scene

"Townies" love their caffeine, that is for sure. Coffee shops have become so much more than just coffee in this city. They are hangouts, they are entertainment destinations, they are gathering places, and they are almost a way of life. From hip young alternative kids, to the mature business and government set, coffee shops attract everyone.

Many of the favourite coffee establishments are located in the downtown area. In the summer, this part of town resembles a European mecca with all the sidewalk cafes and interesting people milling about. Up around the campus of Memorial University and Churchill Square are also popular, catering to neighbourhood crowds. The chains have also gotten in on the action (though we seem to have missed the megacorp big-city standardization of Starbucks--for now), and you can find both locally owned and international chain coffee shops along both of these strips.

St John's coffee shops have their own unique style, because coffee is one thing that never goes out of style!

There are a number of interesting coffee shops around town.

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