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St. John's restaurant scene has over 300 restaurants to choose from, running the full range from affordable fast food, to interesting ethnic restaurants, to fine dining. Search restaurants using the pop-down list at the top of the page. You can also check out our recommendations on the Top Five Restaurants lists.

As one of the oldest cities in North America located in a harbor carved from granite, St. John's has long tradition of excellent seafood and fine dining establishments. Restaurants and bistros offer a quality seafood, wild game and ethnic cuisines. Downtown pubs and café-restaurants provide reasonably priced lunch and dinner time options. Perhaps the best bargain are the traditional fish-and-chip shops where a full meal costs as little as $5.
Aqua Restaurant on Water Street

St John's restaurant scene is blessed by three factors: the provincial government headquartered in the city, the business community spread around the city, and the universities & colleges that bring students from around the province (if not further). This creates a breeding ground for dining covering the whole range from affordable student options through affordable lunch and evening meals, up to elegant expense account entertainment options.

Downtown has the higher-end noon hour restaurants and fine dining establishments, the area close to campus (around Churchill Square) has the cheaper eats, and the outlying residential areas have the family-friendly and affordable dining options from the fast food chains, especially along Topsail and Kenmount Roads.

The Taj Mahal on Wagter Street

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