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Background of the Sport

Olyympic boxers ducking it out

Boxing is one of the oldest sports known to man, dating back to ancient Grecian times. Boxing is a long-time modern Olympic sport. The objective in boxing is to incapacitate your opponent by striking him using your fists, nowadays covered in padded boxing gloves. If one opponent does not win by knockout, then judges rule who landed the most blows. Boxing has become controversial, partly because of the judging, and partly because of the inherent violence. While the original participants were men, women are taking up the sport. Boxing provides an excellent upper body work-out building power, agility and coordination, though it is physically punishing to the head and body, sometimes causing permanent damage.

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The equipment necessary to participate in boxing includes boxing gloves, a headguard, mouthpiece, and a protective cup. Ensure that equipment fits snugly, especially your headguard, to maximize the protective benefits. The equipment is designed to protect both you and the opponent. Many boxers use hand bandages to protect their hand from being broken or sprained when punching. You can find this equipment at selected sports stores around the city and at local boxing clubs.

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There are several different amateur boxing clubs where you can try your hand at boxing, simply by buying a membership. Typical membership cost is between $35.00 and $50.00 per month, depending on your age. By getting involved at a boxing club, you can go to the club and train as much as you like.

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