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Hiker on a fall mountain trail

Hiking is a popular recreational pastimes, as a get-away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, while enjoying the beauty and wildlife of nature. Hiking season runs mid-May until October, thorough the snow-free season. Of course, with unpredictable weather, trails may be closed anytime during the season. The provincial or national park wardens will inform you of any closures or cautions.

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Day hike, where you expect to return home before evening, doesn't require as much equipment as an overnight hike. You should wear a good pair of hiking boots (sturdy running shoes will do), and clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions. Because weather conditions can change quickly in the outdoors, it is safer to overdress, in layers, than to be under-dressed. For a day hike bring water, food, sunscreen, a map, a compass, a rain coat, knife, matches, and of a hiking buddy.

For an overnight hike, you'll also need a tent, food bags, a change of underwear and socks, and standard camping supplies. Check with your hiking partner to prevent packing duplicate gear, to minimize gear weight.


Hiking can be done almost anywhere, but the best scenery and terrain is in the provincial and national parks. These parks provide marked and mapped trails to avoid getting lost. St John's has a number of of multi-purpose trails to explore around the city, including a connection to the Newfoundland Trailway (East Coast Trail) system which begins at the western edge of Mount Pearl.

St John's Area Trails

Grand Concourse Walkways, St. John's

Probably the finest walking system in Canada. Over 120kms of networked walks, the Grand Concourse connects the rivers, ponds, lakes and parks in three municipalities, with over 70 Storyboards en route.

Memorial University Visitors Walk, St. John's

This walk offers a tour of Memorial University St. John's Campus, serving almost 20,000 students and staff. The interesting history of the university is detailed in historyboards along the route.

East Coast Trail, St. John's

This coastal hiking trail runs from Topsail, around the Avalon Peninsula to Trepassey and is improved to world class standards for 220 kms between St. John's & Capahayden. Walks range from easy rambles to wilderness challenges.

Mount Pearl Trailway System, Mount Pearl

Over 65kms of a beautiful and unique Linar Walking System links all neighbourhoods and parks throughout Mount Pearl. Visitors are invited to come and explore.

Salmon Cove Sands Salmon Cove, Conception Bay

Gray sandy beach, wheel chair accessible, board walk, concession, tourism chalet and 2km hiking trail. "Trail of the Eagle". Breath taking view with abundance of wildlife.

Manuels River Linear Park and Chalet, Conception Bay South

Walking trails follow the banks of the beautiful Manuels River. Internationally recognized for its geological formations and fossil sites. Information centre, guided walks & picnic tables.

The Cross on George Cove Mountain, Holyrood

Walking trail up George Cove Mountain - 15 to 20 minute hike up hill. Beautiful view from the top - well worth the climb.

Eastern Newfoundland Trails

Butter Pot Provincial Park - Hiking Trails, Butter Pot Provincial Park

3.5 km trail leads to Butter Pot Hill, 303 m above sea level. 1.5 km trail great for nature study. Offseason walk the roads and ski trails.

Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk, Bay Roberts

The trail winds through the earliest settlement of Bay Roberts (Juggler's Cove and French's Cove). Remains of rock walls, foundations, root cellars and gravesites. Picnic areas. Seasonal whale watching. Restroom facilities.

Carbonear Boardwalk, Carbonear

A terrific walk around a 500 meter board walk that surrounds Carbonear Pond and Rossiters Pond. Feed the ducks, take in the naturalization surrounding the pond or visit our new Regional Community centre.

Placentia Bay Lookout, Arnold's Cove

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Placentia Bay. Panoramic view of the resettled islands. Excellent view of Transshipment Terminal at Whiffen Head and North Atlantic Refining. Wildlife viewing a possibility.

Grates Cove Hiking Trails, Grates Cove

Hiking Trails around National Historic Site Rock Walls, and Interpretation area. Barrens, rugged rocks and ocean views, The Head, Flat Rocks, Wiggy's Beach, Shaws Mash, The Gulch, The Motion and Molly Ship wreck cross, Cabot Rock & Monument and more.

Centre Hill Hiking Trail Sunnyside, Trinity Bay

Easy-moderate 5 km trail rises 1,153 feet. Last 400 metres is a steep climb. This trail winds through scenic marshes, trout ponds, brooks and a waterfall before rewarding the hiker with a panoramic view from the peak of Centre Hill.

Ocean View Walking Trail, Long Cove

Walking trail along the edge of the Atlantic provides a great view of the ocean. Whales, bald eagles, osprey along with other wildlife can be seen in the area. Washroom facilities available.

Seaview Trail, Long Cove

Walking/Hiking trail will take you along the edge of the Atlantic. Hike to the tip of the hill to get a great view of Trinity Bay. In season, you can view humpback whales swimming underwater.

New Perlican Trails New Perlican

D'Iberville trail from Bloody Point, New Perlican to Fitter's Cove Beach. View of Harbour Jean's Head Trail, walk through woods to a headland where there's a beacon light, picturesque cliffs & view of Trinity Bay, Tote Trail, rugged & challenging climb to top of hill overlooking New Perlican & Trinity Bay.

La Manche Provincial Park (Hiking Trails), La Manche Provincial Park

Walk the 2 km trail to abandoned fishing village of La Manche and over the suspension bridge. The East Coast Trail runs through the woodland bird haven.

The Argentia Backland Trails, Argentia

The Backland Trail includes 10 kms of prepared walking trails that provide breathtaking views of Placentia Bay, the woodland, wildlife and plants. Our trails are rated easy to moderate througout the trail system. Parking is available at each of the lookout sites.

Green Mountain Walking Trail, Long Cove

Walking/hiking trail to the top of Norman's Cove Lookout. Once there, provides a great view of the bottom of Trinity Bay, and the surrounding country. Hike to the top in 30 minutes. Washroom facilities available.

Bordeaux Walking Trail, Arnold's Cove

4 kms of breathtaking scenery. Abundance of seabirds, eagles and other wildlife that frequent the rugged shoreline. Natural flowers. Tankers travelling to & from the nearby oil refinery and transshipment terminal.

Newfoundland Trailway / Trans-Canada Trail
The Newfoundland Trailway passes wetlands and hardwood groves, goes through quaint villages and meanders along sparkling rivers.

The trail is nearly flat due to its origins as an abandoned railway line, and the finely crushed gravel surface makes it very easy to negotiate both on foot and by bicycle. In winter, the trail provides snowmobilers an excellent tip-to- tip network, that even connects to several motels for a door-to-door snow-bound adventure.

When using the Trans-Canada Trail please respect The Code of the Trail:

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