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Background of the Sport

Soccer at the World Cup

Soccer in the most widely played sport in the world, and is a good form or exercise, recreation, and socializing.

Soccer is played on a large grass field, with goal posts at each end. Using feet to kick the ball (and the occasional head-butt), the object is to get the ball past the opposing goalkeeper into the net. Players, other than the goalkeeper, may not use their hands to touch the ball.

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Soccer only requires basic athletic shorts, shirt and shoes. If you are in a soccer league, you will receive uniforms. Specialty soccer shoes have rubber cleats for traction on grassy fields. To practice on our own or play with friends, you can buy your own soccer ball.

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St John's has got hundreds of kids playing soccer, for age groups from under five to under nineteen. For soccer leagues, contact the C B S Soccer 709-834-1850 and at a provincial level the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association (709) 576-0601, which has both men's and women's divisions.

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