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Background of the Sport

Swimming is a technique for floating and moving through the water. Swimming is a great sport for anyone to either get in shape, learn how to save lives, even rehabilitation for those having trouble moving on land (there is less stress on the injured limb or joint, with bodyweight supported by flotation in water). Without swimming you cannot enjoy other water sports and safe boating. Swimming has provided several competitive events in the modern Olympic Games.

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Swimming only requires a swim suit (usually), and a towel for drying off. When choosing a new bathing suit, you should make sure it fits snugly and comfortably to ensure a good fit in the pool. If the chlorine is bothering your eyes, invest in a pair of swimming goggles. Competitive swimmers use several other pieces of equipment to strengthen their strokes: a kickboard, hand paddles, leg buoys, flippers and a dragsuit. Many of these are available for use at local swimming pools.

Swimsuits or goggles are available at almost any sports store. Swimco is legendary as a Calgary-based bathing suit specialty store.

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The joys of living on an close to the ocean is that you have so much CHOICE as to where to swim: ocean beaches, protected bays, inland lakes, or indoor or outdoor pools. It can be very dangerous to swim in natural bodies of water because of strong currents, tides, cold water temperatures, weeds, and unknown bottom debris. Never swim by yourself or without being supervised by a trained lifeguard.

Many pools offer lessons for recreational or competitive swimming. For more information on swim club registration and prices contact and of the local clubs.

See our listing of St John's Swimming Pools and St John's Beaches. For more information about organized swimming, contact Swimming Newfoundland and Labrador at (709) 576-7946.

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