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At Whitbourne, on Route 81 just south of Route 1 (the Transportation-Canada Highway), is the home of a former Prime Minister of Newfoundland, Sir Robert Bond who was perhaps Newfoundland's greatest statesman. His reciprocity agreements with the United States to bring properity to Newfoundland were foiled by political opponents in the early 1900s, and were the forerunners of current international fisheries policy and international trade agreements.

You'll even find a winery in Markland. The Rodrigues Markland Cottage Winery makes popular wines from local blueberries (and other local berries) which is sold across Canada. The owners will show you around if you call ahead to view the winery, located in the former cottage hospital building.

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Whitbourne Attractions

Long Point Lighthouse & Interpretation Centre
c/o Suzanne Carter
Long Point, Newfoundland, A0G 4M0
709-884-5755 fax: 709-884-5449
This 1876 lighthouse has a commanding view of the ocean and nearby islands, and is an excellent spot for iceberg and whale watching. The Centre has Oceanic Interpretation, a craft shop, and serves tea/coffee/homemade traditional goodies. Cultural and natural history exhibits
From Jan 01 - Dec 31

Whitbourne Heritage Museum
Station Rd, Whitbourne,
PO Box 166, Whitebourne NL A0B 3K0
709-754-2436 fax: 709-759-2242
This museum is located in the former railways station and features carious exhibits on the area, including the Newfoundland Rangers, the Forest Rangers, the railway, forestry, sawmills and Sir Robert Bond.

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